Garry Trinder Microsoft Office Development MVP

Provision modern webparts on SP2019 modern pages using PnP PowerShell

🚨 UPDATE 🚨 You can now use Add-PnPClientSideWebPart cmdlet as it is now enabled for use in the SharePoint Server 2019 PnP PowerShell module.

PnP PowerShell is my go to for automating most things in SharePoint, whether that is the Online or On Prem flavours. However there are times when there is a specific cmdlet only available in SharePoint Online, I recently came across this whilst working on a SharePoint 2019 project using the Modern page experience and SharePoint framework.

Add-PnPClientSideWebPart is only available for SharePoint Online, so I had to get creative. The below script will enable you to add 3rd Party or out of the box modern web parts for a modern client side page, using the same usage as the Online cmdlet.