Garry Trinder Microsoft Office Development MVP

Identify SharePoint Online Site Experience by PowerShell

We live in a world where SharePoint has become somewhat of a split personality, we have the Modern experience and the Classic experience, confusing for end users but also difficult for administrators to track.

I had some spare time this weekend and noticed this tweet on the #sphelp hashtag.

So thought Iā€™d take a look, the result of which was this script.

Which gives you the below output.

It uses the Microsoft.Online.SharePoint.PowerShell model to return all SharePoint Online sites using Get-SPOSite for a connected tenant and using an expression column, it determines whether the site is modern or not based on its template.

The list of templates (to my knowledge) that determine a modern site are

Template Description
STS#3 Modern Team Site with No Office 365 Group
GROUP#0 Modern Team Site with Connected Office 365 Group
SITEPAGEPUBLISHING#0 Modern Communications Site

A good starting point if nothing else to track down those classic sites or just to see how much spread of site experiences you have across your tenant šŸ˜€